Thursday, June 10, 2010

hey you crazy kids

if you know someone that is trying to get rid of a scanner
you should give me a call... my old one was well... old... and
it broke. it was a sad day. now i've been working on a
plethora of new robot5, even some kip, and some other
things that i think i should put up. alas, i'm a sad little panda
with no scanner to call my own. if you find one, call me, email
me, email me if you want to call me. i needs to know! thanks!

so... because i don't have my scanner and such i hope you enjoy
some of my movie reviews. a while back i had made a website
it was huge, i still have it saved on my computer, it was so much
work! i figured i shouldn't let it go to waste. so here's a couple of
them! :)

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